The counselling relationship is an important part of the counselling process and is something that can take time to build on.

For this reason, I offer a reduced fee for the initial session which will give you the opportunity to see whether you feel you would like to continue to work with me and for us to explore what you hope to achieve from your sessions.

It will also give us the opportunity to discuss in more depth things such as confidentiality and the counselling model used.

Evening and weekend appointments are also available.

Individuals - 50 minutes

After initial session

  • £30 initial session
Couples - 60 minutes

After initial session

  • £40 initial session

After 10 sessions, the cost per session may be reduced to enable long-term counselling to remain affordable, if needed.

Payment of sessions is by cash or cheque and is payable at the end of each session.

To arrange or discuss an appointment please contact me by either telephone or email.

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